My son is in 1st grade and I was told by his teacher that there are 23 students in this classroom. This is beyond appalling!! Other school districts like Robbinsville, Cranbury, Montgomery have 16 or 17 students at the most. You can say, well what can be done if people keep moving in to West Windsor, the school has to educate all the children….is the law! Which is absolutely true! However, when the number of students is so high, especially in lower elementary grades, the school district can and should put Instructional Assistants (IA) to help the teachers and the students.

I have spoken with members of the BOE, when the BOE used to have PhDs and the BOE was professional and the Administration would respect the BOE, not like now, that the Administration thinks that they “own” the schools instead of realizing that they are “only” employees; and the BOE does not realize that their fiduciary responsibility first and foremost is towards the students and not towards the Administration. These members of the BOE, who were professional and had the right values and ethics in mind told, me that the Administration can devote money for IA to help in the classrooms. The law tells them that they HAVE to do it when the number of students reaches 25. Therefore, the question is, will the Administration do the WRONG thing for our students as they did last year, by downsizing 3.1% of students services in the budget and increasing 6.1% teachers development and leave the number of students in KG and 1st grade at 24 so the Administration can “GET AWAY” with it? In this way, Mr. Aderhold can say that he does not have to “abide by the letter of the law”, however, we all know that morally and ethically is WRONG. Mr. Aderhold sent 10 teachers to CA that cost the district $25,000 and I would like to see the return on my investment of that trip? Or was it a paid vacation for those teachers?

My son cannot have a top notch experience because his teacher, whom I truly like and she is giving 110% , cannot devote her attention because she has 23 kids to take care of. One of my son’s teachers already told me “I cannot devote more attention to him, because I have to devote attention to those children that have IEP, that is the law”. Well, Mr. Aderhold, the law also says that my son has to be educated, the law also says that my son needs the attention of the teacher. So the question is, What does your Moral and Ethics say? Do I need to put my son with an IEP so he can have “more attention from the teacher”? Or should the resources be spent more in the classroom and less in your “gadgets” and fancy trips that the ROI cannot be measured?

What type of “educator innovator” are you, Mr. Aderhold? How can you even say that you are an “educator” when our students at WWP are suffering!! Don’t you see the hypocrisy of your statements!!

— Veronica Mehno, West Windsor