Michael Pavljuk in his workshop at Pavé Goldsmith and Diamonds. (Staff photo by Rob Anthes.)
Michael Pavljuk in his workshop at Pavé Goldsmith and Diamonds. (Staff photo by Rob Anthes.)

Michael Pavljuk, owner of Pavé Goldsmith and Diamonds located on South Broad Street in Yardville, describes himself as “the area’s only fully hands-on jeweler.”

“I am the store owner and a bench jeweler,” he said. “I do it all myself.”

While at Steinert High School, Pavljuk fell in love with the romantic side of being a jeweler, a feeling he still holds today.

“I was talking to a jeweler and thought it was the intersection of things I enjoyed,” he said.
He describes it as the combination of his interest of the art of working with rocks, fossils and quartz with working with his hands, tinkering to create something. To the son of a roofer, it was also the way out of the family roofing business. His dad owned Paul’s Roofing.

“That’s what I didn’t want to do,” Pavljuk said. “You are out in the heat of the summer and the cool of winter.”

He worked in the family business from the time he was “seven to 27,” Pavljuk quipped.

But inside his workshop, it is “warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I always looked at a jeweler as a romantic profession. I thought jewelers did all of their own work, but most don’t anymore.”

Pavljuk went to the now closed Jewelry Institute of Rhode Island in Providence from 1987-1989 to learn his craft “from soldering to stone setting to casting molds and model making.” He opened a repair shop on Route 33 in Hamilton before moving to his current location in Yardville, which he shares with Karen Lyn’s Salon, a hair salon business owned by his wife, Karen Enourato Pavljuk.

“Providence was the costume and fashion jewelry capitol of the world,” Pavljuk said. “There were hundreds of manufacturers making fashion, costume, and fine jewelry. They created a trade school to learn the trade and craft. I’m a craftsman. I have other jewelers who come to me for help.”

Pavljuk started out by designing engagement rings for friends over 20 years ago.

“Now these friends are coming in for their 20th and 25th anniversary rings,” he said. “I have become a family generational jeweler. I opened my business when I was 25.”

At Pavé Goldsmith and Diamonds, Pavljuk personally takes care of all aspects of jewelry designs and repairs.

“Your jewelry is safe with me,” he said. “I can do most repairs in a day or so, or while you wait depending on the piece.”

Much of Pavé Goldsmith and Diamond’s business comes from word of mouth.

“Customers know what to expect with the quality of work and affordability,” Pavljuk said. “I brought back the craft in jewelry making. It is a dying industry, a dying trade. Many people are leaving the business to retire. We don’t have younger people coming in. They have to find someone older and apprentice with them.”

Pavljuk is accepting custom holiday orders through Dec. 15. He sits with customers to design something unique. He takes the concept through each stage including creating a sketch on paper to creating molds with wax and casting the jewelry.

“I give people that personal relationship when creating something one of a kind,” he said. “I create engagement rings that are ornate and unique, and custom wedding bands that fit with the engagement rings and look nice. I am fast and affordable.

“I’ve created so much jewelry. When you start from a design to a wax to a casting to a finished product, it is rewarding when they are amazed at how it came out it is great.”

Pavé Goldsmith and Diamonds also is a licensed buyer of gold and diamonds. Pavé Goldsmith and Diamonds is located 4481 S. Broad St. in Yardville. Phone: (609) 588-5224.