Friday, March 24, 2017

Robbinsville Advance Inbox: I am ‘The Other’ in your midst

In the February 2017 issue, the stark contrast between the superintendent’s column and the mayor’s column is glaring.

Prominent pair to lead Robbinsville St. Patrick’s Day Parade

This year’s Robbinsville Irish Heritage Association St. Patrick’s Day Parade honorees are both Midwest transplants, but they’ve made Robbinsville their home.

Debbie Dauer thanks community after fundraiser

Nearly 300 people attended “Live to Love,” a fundraiser for Lawrence resident Debbie Dauer, a teacher who was recently diagnosed with ALS.

When Springsteen is your brother, taking photos comes easy

The Lawrence Gazette interviewed Pamela Springsteen about her career, photographing her brother, and a Princeton exhibit.

Q+A: Mayor Fried discusses open space, condemnation and Foxmoor

It’s already been a busy year in Robbinsville Township, and indications are that the pace won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Do I have a sore throat or strep?

Concerned about your health? Experts from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton are ready to answer readers’ questions.

Save Your Teen Driver encourages Robbinsville parents, teens to drive safe

Almost 100 Robbinsville High School parents and students attended the Save Your Teen Driver program.

Robbinsville Mayor Fried on affordable housing and the new president

Robbinsville Township is pleased to have reached a tentative settlement agreement with the Fair Share Housing Center regarding our affordable housing obligations moving forward.

What it means to be a democracy

This year, we enter a new era with the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States.

Natural running ability leads Robbinsville’s Manto to the head of the pack

Watching the Robbinsville High softball team last spring, the first thing that often jumped out to people was how shockingly fast the Ravens’ leadoff hitter got from home to first base.

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Mercer Muslim community seeks to educate following ban, shooting

The members of the Islamic Circle of Mercer County know what people say about Islam. They also know that not everybody knows what Islam is all about. And that is what they’re looking to change.