Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fried: Robbinsville traffic study to help smart growth

It is important that we determine how the main arteries in Robbinsville are working and to see what—if any—improvements are needed now or in the future.

Foster: Aid increase eases burden

Robbinsville Public Schools can expect an increase in state aid in the amount of $631,042 for the 2017-18 school year.

Ewing Then and Now: a capital idea in New Jersey

Federal City Road’s name derives from the fact that at one time, our fledgling country was considering locating the country’s permanent capital right here.

Remembering Mojo the Yorkie

Ewing's Ilene Black remembers her late dog Mojo in her August Ewing Observer column.

Letter: Thank you to my Robbinsville school family

Linda Biondi thanks the Robbinsville staff, children, and parents who have made her teaching career special. Biondi retired from teaching in June after two decades.

The Russian, Tony Soprano and the joy of uncertainty

"Real-life me could learn a lot from TV-watching me," columnist Samantha Sciarrotta says.

Princess Diana, a woman with a problem

As the head editor of People, Landon Jones followed Princess Diana from her courtship by Prince Charles to her death in a car crash in Paris at 36.

Looking Back: New traffic lights?

The recent talk of improvements to Cranbury Road in the Grovers Mill area has opened up a new discussion, especially among area residents who use Cranbury Road to get to the railroad station at Princeton Junction.

Suburban Mom: checking off the bucket list

The items on my bucket list have everything to do with what I consider to be my first important identity.

From Princeton to Prison: How students are helping inmates learn

Meet the university students who once a week leave their manicured campus to spend a day behind bars tutoring young men and women.

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Trenton Water Works finds elevated levels of lead in drinking water

Trenton Water Works found elevated levels of lead in drinking water in some Mercer County homes and buildings, according to a notice mailed to customers.