Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dave Fried: Thank you, Robbinsville

Robbinsville's mayor thanks residents for being "open-minded and passing the Election Day Open Space Referendum."

Learn to learn from mistakes

Opportunities for feedback allow us to recognize and embrace the human condition, specifically the reality that we all make mistakes.

A ‘not picture-perfect’ Thanksgiving

I get up at the crack of dawn every Thanksgiving morning to wrestle with the cold, slippery and heavy turkey.

Trenton Country Club hosted big name celebrities and officials

The history of the TCC golf course had been lost to time until recently, when a passionate club member, golf history buff and history teacher took it upon himself to research it.

The Jersey Devil walks into a bar

Fifty miles from my home in Princeton is a place distinguished primarily by its emptiness.

Why all the talk about sidewalks in West Windsor?

Discussion of the subject has picked up in recent years as the overall character of the town has changed, and some specific areas have become the focus of sidewalk discussions.

Don’t badger, belittle or bully

I worried about the impact on our children, who not only have big eyes and big ears, but sponge-like qualities of absorption and osmosis.

‘The War of the Worlds’ remains the greatest Halloween prank of all time

In 1938, the most sensational Halloween celebration up to that time took place right here in West Windsor.

Where have all the manners gone?

I am disturbed by the deterioration of manners all around me, but I shouldn’t be surprised. But I also don’t have to give in and join the crowd.

Heartaches by the number

Pia de Jong discusses the price of a 2,000 calorie diet — or meal.

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American Ninja Warrior course opens to challenge Hamilton-area youth

During All Heart Athletic Academy's grand opening, more than 75 children participated in an American Ninja Warrior Competition.