Friday, February 24, 2017

Robbinsville Mayor Fried on affordable housing and the new president

Robbinsville Township is pleased to have reached a tentative settlement agreement with the Fair Share Housing Center regarding our affordable housing obligations moving forward.

What it means to be a democracy

This year, we enter a new era with the inauguration of the 45th president of the United States.

Looking Back: Pets have a special place

Dick Snedeker discusses being a pet owner in West Windsor.

The fine American tradition of ‘get over it’

The purpose of the Women’s March was to raise awareness for women’s and civil rights causes, but the events certainly had a tone fueled by opposition to President Donald Trump.

Hamilton Post letter to the editor: district should live within means

A letter in response to response to Hamilton Post editor Rob Anthes’ column about the pending school referendum, entitled "Stop playing roulette with our children’s safety."

A transformational vision for Trenton’s downtown core

A state office-building project was announced in September of 2016, with a goal to provide modern office space in Trenton for 1,400 state employees.

‘Suburban Mom’ on President Trump and the new age of journalism

Journalism in the age of President Trump is not for the faint of heart. Pursuing the truth will take more courage and energy than ever.

Betting on Black: The pet peeves of 2017

I swore I would start 2017 with a positive and uplifting attitude. I would be more cheerful, less grumpy, less critical, less moody.

Ewing Then and Now: The stone house on the hill

I hope you all enjoyed last month’s Year in Review Quiz! As we leave the “Brookville” section of Ewing, passing the Woodruff Estate/Trenton Country Club featured in November and December,...

Suburban Mom: When kids start to act like adults

What happens when two sisters grow into an "adult" relationship.

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Developer submits plans for 1,976 homes at Quakerbridge Road site

The Howard Hughes Corporation has proposed an ambitious mixed-use development plan near Quaker Bridge Mall in West Windsor.