The Robbinsville PBA Local No. 344 is hosting a police officer baseball card contest for children. Every police officer—including the department’s K-9, Quori—will have a baseball card that is available to collect.

The PBA said the goal of the contest is for Robbinsville children to learn the names and faces of the officers that serve the community.

The rules of the contest are as follows:

  • Do not disregard your safety or the officer’s to collect a trading card. This includes not approaching them when they’re on a call, have their emergency lights on or are directing traffic.
  • To receive a trading card, simply approach an officer and introduce yourself. Your name, age and school are good starting points.
  • Parents are not permitted to collect cards for their children.
  • The following cards are available at police headquarters: Chief Christopher Nitti, Lt. Michael Polaski, Lt. William Swanhart, Lt. Christopher M. Clifton, Sgt. Thomas Egan, Det. Sgt. Adrian Markowski, Det. Kevin Colgan, Det. Wayne Haugh and Det. Shawn Bruton.
  • Patrol officers will have their baseball cards available to hand out while they are on patrol.
  • The first five children (ages 17 and younger) to collect all 28 cards and bring them to Robbinsville Township Police Department to show Sgt. Thomas Egan will receive a $20 Fulton Bank Visa Gift Card. All of the gift cards were donated by the bank’s Robbinsville branch. Winners will be announced on the police department’s Facebook page.