Today I was walking my dog around my block in the Windsor Hunt development off New Village Road and noticed the state of the neighborhood. West Windsor Township roads, street trees and sidewalks are failing to be properly maintained.

Current conditions in some of West Windsor’s most established neighborhoods would receive a grade of D-minus at best. Property taxes continue to increase (our taxes have more than doubled since we moved here) yet capital budget maintenance services in our neighborhoods are long ignored. Where does all the taxpayer money go?

As West Windsor Township’s population continues to grow along with all the high-density residential development slotted to come online over the next decade, how will we address road congestion and added stresses on already stretched municipal residential services and failing road infrastructure?

This is the number one question on many residents minds.

If our municipal capital budget isn’t sufficient to provide basic infrastructure maintenance to current residents, how will we provide for new residential growth of the planned additional high-density housing?

It’s time we stop ignoring this  problem. It’s time residents are included in the conversations which seem mostly ignored by representatives inside town hall. Residents are asking these questions and waiting for answers.

—Barbara Pfeifer, West Windsor