I would like Mayor Shing-Fu Hsueh to request that Howard Hughes do maintenance right now on the southern portion of its property running along Quakerbridge Road as it was shown to be maintained in their slide presentation at the recent planing board meeting.

If you review their slides, the property was weed free and the long grass was mowed. As this property awaits development, it would be nice if it could be maintained to some nominal level required under township land use ordinances. At least along such a visible span of roadside that marks our township’s borderline with Lawrenceville.

I had to look twice when this slide was on the projector to determine exactly where the photo was taken.

Howard Hughes should be asked to maintain the overgrowth and remove weed growth up all electrical poles. This is a township eyesore easily resolved and well worth Howard Hughes’ efforts as they work with the township on future planning.

— Barbara Pfeifer, West Windsor