Serving as the mayor of Robbinsville Township has been one of the great privileges of my life.

When I began this journey 12 years ago I never imagined we’d come so far, so fast. It has been quite a ride, and I’m not ready to get off that ride just yet. Thank you to my family for supporting my decision to run for another term, my tremendous staff that makes it all possible and to all the residents who signed my petition. Before heading to the polls Nov. 7, here are the top five items on my agenda—in some particular order—to consider.

1. Foxmoor Plaza Revitalization

I won’t rest until the Foxmoor Shopping Center is vibrant again. Our new director of community development, Hal English, summed up the current state of the plaza very well in last month’s edition of The Advance. Once the sheriff’s sale is complete, we want to work closely with whoever buys the lot. There is no shortage of interest or ideas to make the area viable again. Most agree it needs to be redesigned, upgraded and have either an entrance or exit directly onto Route 33. We also will need to coordinate with Hamilton, since a nice chunk of the property is in their town. There are obviously many challenges, but we are confident we will figure them all out. Having Hal onboard with the support of council is a huge plus.

2. Mercer Mobile Home Park

Meeting our affordable housing obligations is a very big deal. We are pleased to be able to work out a proposed settlement with the Fair Share Housing Center on those obligations until 2025. Our ability to purchase the 149 units of the Mercer Mobile Home Park on Route 130 is a major piece to that puzzle. We are extremely confident that we will not only be able to improve the park’s infrastructure and the quality of life for those approximately 300 residents. Purchasing the property will enable us to meet our affordable housing requirements without having to build new units or raise taxes.

3. Going for 5!

Robbinsville Township is already hard at work to either reduce or keep its municipal tax rate stable in 2018. If that happens, it will mark the fifth consecutive year of flat or reduced taxes, which is unprecedented for a New Jersey municipality since the economic crash that began in 2007.

4. Preservation of Miry Run

If you have not seen the video we made a few months back regarding my thoughts on the Miry Run property, I encourage you to check it out at by scrolling “Latest News.”

Regardless what the zoning board decides regarding the proposed banquet hall on one lot—or roughly 24 acres of the 189 acre property—the remaining 165 acres need to be protected from continued residential housing. That is what the open space tax referendum was designed to do in 2016, and we fully intend to honor that commitment.

5. Renovated Police Station and Courthouse

The court trailer is at the end of its useful life and police headquarters is in dire need of upgrades and expansion. We intend to redesign and renovate both of those buildings, and we intend to do it without raising taxes.