Three Trenton residents were arrested in two shoplifting incidents by West Windsor police at the Nassau Park Shopping Center.

Police responded to a shoplifter in custody at Walmart on May 5. Alberto Hernandez, 60, had allegedly concealed $195.28 of toiletries on his person and attempted to leave without paying, police said. Investigation revealed that Hernandez also had outstanding warrants from West Windsor for $954, and Ewing for $250.

Two Trenton women were arrested following a reported May 8 shoplifting incident at Target. Police said that Zakiyyah A. Muhammad, 25, entered a dressing room carrying several items and exited with none. She left the store and placed clothing in her car, police said, then returned to the store and met Nazeerah Muhammad, 23.

The pair placed additional items in bags and left without paying, police said. Both women were arrested, and the stolen merchandise was recovered. Nazeerah was additionally found to have an outstanding warrant from Trenton for $100.


Auto burglary. A Plainsboro resident was the victim of a car break-in on May 30. Police say someone smashed the rear passenger window of the victim’s car while it was in the parking lot of Princeton Alliance Church. The vehicle was ransacked, but nothing was stolen. The burglary was discovered at 11:55 a.m.

DWI arrest. Brandon C. Amado, 22, of Hamilton, was arrested May 27 on a drunk driving charge. Police said Amado was stopped on Route 1 south for speeding and was found to be intoxicated.

Drug Possession. Police said that Christopher J. Reyes, 27, of Jersey City, was in possession of under 50 grams of marijuana during a June 3 traffic stop for failure to maintain a lane. Reyes was issued summonses for failure to maintain a lane, careless driving, obstruction of view and possession of CDS in a motor vehicle.

West Windsor

DWI arrests. Two drivers were found to be intoxicated during traffic stops on Route 1, according to police. John P. Martino, 20, of Marlton, was charged with DWI on May 5, and Clark D. Manion, 26, of Lawrenceville, was charged with DWI on May 7, said police.

Thefts. A woman reported on May 4 that her bag was stolen after she accidentally left it at Qdoba in MarketFair the night before. The bag, which contained credit cards as well as personal accessories, was hanging on her chair, and she forgot it when she left to throw out her food. Employees could not locate the bag the following morning.

A student at WW-P High School South reported that her keys and lanyard were stolen on May 2 when she briefly put her head down on her desk in class. She heard a rattle and when she looked up, she found that someone has stolen her keys.

A Trenton resident reported that her wallet was stolen from her bag while she was celebrating Cinco de Mayo at On the Border restaurant. She said that she felt her bag pulled a few times in the crowded restaurant, and at the end of the night she realized that her wallet was gone.

Identity Theft. A 55-year-old West Windsor resident reported on May 9 that he contacted Verizon after service was disconnected on two family cell phones. He learned that the phones had been upgraded and three new phones had been added to his account without authorization. Verizon told him the changes were made in Mankato, Minnesota, and new charges to the account totaled around $5,000.

Additionally, on May 8 he received a Kohl’s credit card and application for Helzberg Diamonds credit in the mail that he had not applied for. Kohl’s fraud department told him that $840 had been charged in his name, and Helzberg informed him that a credit card application had been made in his name.