In every issue of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers questions from our readers.

Can you give us an update on the development planned for the former GM site on Parkway Avenue? It doesn’t look like there’s much going on there.
–Paul Naro

The GM property officially changed hands the week of May 15. RACER Trust has sold it to the developers, Atlantic Properties.

They have recently received approval from ELSA for sewer and Trenton Water.  We expect the sewer work to start in June and other related work to start in July.  Retail and residential development will be available in 2018.

Cars speed down New Hillcrest Avenue, which is between Four Points, (Parkside, Parkway and Pennington avenues) and Prospect Street. It is used as a speedway to cut across. Frequently, getting into a driveway or pulling out of a driveway is dangerous.

A mechanic was changing my tire on the street and could not believe the speed of the vehicles. How do residents get speed bumps like on Weber and Rosedale Avenues?
–Dawn Smith

Residents can send a request to my office.  I will review the request and discuss it with my administrator and our public safety officials. If I recommend your street or any other street, I will ask our township engineer to recommend the locations on the street.

Your street and Greenland are under review for this year. We also have other streets under review throughout the township.