A West Windsor teen was arrested at Plainsboro Library on May 7 on a lewdness charge.

Detective Scott Beatty said he was dispatched to the library at 2:19 p.m. to respond to a call that a man had exposed his genitals within the library.

The officer said he met with library staff and an eyewitness, who identified Kofo E. Dansby, 19, of Princeton Junction, as the offender.

Dansby was arrest and processed at Plainsboro Police Headquarters and charged with lewdnes, police said. According to the state statute he was charged under, “lewd acts shall include the exposing of the genitals for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of the actor or of any other person.”

Dansby was released from police custody pending a mandatory court appearance.


WI arrests. A driver stopped on May 4 for obstructing traffic and failure to maintain a lane was arrested after police found she was intoxicated. Shweta Chawla, 32, of Hampshire Drive, received summons for DWI as well as reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane and obstructing the passage of other vehicles.

Galina Vitalyeva, 57, of Philadelphia, was arrested for DUI on May 5 after she was pulled over for failure to move over for an emergency vehicle. She also received summonses for reckless driving, careless driving, failure to possess registration, and obstructing the passage of other vehicles, police said.

Sherri James, 37, of Pheasant Hollow Drive, was found to be under the influence of alcohol during a traffic stop for improper use of high beams on May 8, police said. In addition to DWI she received summonses for DWI in a school zones, refusal to submit breath samples, improper use of high beams, reckless driving, careless driving, unsafe lane change, failure to inspect and unclear plates.

Drug arrest. During a May 7 traffic stop for speeding, police detected the odor of marijuana. A search revealed that passenger Yoelvi A. Caba-Parra, 19, of Camden, was in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, police said. He was arrested and charged with possession. He was also found to have traffic and criminal warrants totaling $2,033 from Camden City.

West Windsor

DWI arrest. Pablo A. Carchipulla-Guaman, 29, of East Windsor, was found to be intoxicated after a traffic stop on April 14, police said. He was charged with DWI as well as possession of open alcoholic beverages and driving while suspended.

Identity thefts. A West Windsor resident reported on April 2 that 280 fraudulent charges totaling $3,995 were made in Google Play using his Capital One card.

Police accused Carla M. St. Martin-Jackson, 34, of South River, of identity theft following an investigation into fraudulent charges to a DSRM National Bank Credit Card on April 4 and also between January 2 and 4.

A West Windsor resident reported on April 23 that after filing his taxes with Turbo Tax, he learned that a fraudulent 2016 tax return had been filed in his name. Another resident was notified by the IRS on March 30 and reported to police April 7 that a fraudulent tax return had been filed using her name and social security number.

A West Windsor resident reported on March 20 that CitiBank had alerted her to a $2,200 fraudulent charge on her credit card at betfaircasino.com. She was in possession of the card when the fraud occurred.

A West Windsor resident reported on March 21 that a Chase credit card had been fraudulently opened in his name. He closed the card before any charges were made.

On April 4, a West Windsor woman reported that after being declined for an Amazon Prime credit card, she learned that an unknown actor had used her personal information to open a Prime card in her name.

Thefts. A Hillsborough resident reported on April 17 that he left his wallet at the restaurant at Mercer Oaks, and a bartender took it to the Pro Shop. At the Pro Shop an employee gave the wallet to a man who came in claiming to have lost his wallet. The man made $250 of fraudulent credit card charges in Trenton before the victim could cancel the card.

A West Windsor resident reported that her daughter lost her iPhone 6 at Grover Middle School on March 20. The Find iPhone app showed the phone in another location in West Windsor.

A Trenton resident reported on April 10 that she had inadvertently left her pocketbook in her shopping cart at WalMart earlier that day. It was not returned to the store.

Shoplifting arrest. WalMart employees reported on March 26 that a suspected shoplifter had just left the store. Police located Malcolm Green, 26, of Trenton, on a bench and say they found that he had carried two electronics boxes through the Garden Center exit. He was charged with shoplifting, police said.

Drug possession. Dylan J. Kalman, 21, of Ewing was arrested on April 19 after police say they found him to be in possession of marijuana and a glass pipe with burnt marijuana residue during a traffic stop, police said.