Many times when people in the Hopewell Valley need repair or replacement for their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, they turn to an old neighbor for help.

Stellitano Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is a name people have known in the HVAC business for 22 years. While the company is based in West Amwell today, proprietors Sharyn and Gary Stellitano grew up in Hopewell, started the business on Van Dyke Road in Hopewell, and they and their staff still serve the Valley community today.

Stellitano does maintenance, repair and installation for just about any heating or air conditioning system a customer could have or want. They install and service boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, ductless split systems, air conditioning systems, radiant flooring, geothermal, indoor air quality products and more. They also do custom ductwork.

One of the calling cards of the business, Sharyn Stellitano says, is that they know that their customers have a wide variety of needs. “If a system can be repaired, and that’s what the homeowner wants, we can do it,” she says. “But if they want a replacement system, we can do that also. We won’t do a hard sell.”

They do recommend high efficiency units and systems whenever it’s possible, because in the long run they usually mean energy cost savings, Sharyn says. They also look for ways to save their clients money, like recovering coolant whenever they do AC repair. The little things, Sharyn says, can add up.

Sharyn says that integrity is very important to her and Gary, and they look for it in the technicians they hire. “The quality that we’re looking for is first, integrity, and second, mechanical skills,” she says. “The techs that are with us are loyal to us, and we’re loyal to them.”

In an area like Hopewell, which has a mix of older and new homes, HVAC specialists are liable to see any and every kind of system. Many homes in the area depend on baseboards and radiators for their heat. So the Stellitanos insist that their technicians are all NATE certified and stay up to date on their training. “Gary is very big on our technicians knowing everything they should know about the industry, so they can work in any house,” Sharyn says.

When a person puts in a call, Stellitano typically responds on the same day — as long as that’s what the customer wants. They have staff on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. The person who goes to the house to make an estimate is always either Gary or head technician Jeffrey Geiges, Sharyn says — people who actually work on HVAC systems, rather than a salesperson.

“They’ve worked in the field, so they know what the best fit’s going to be for the house, or if they don’t know, they can find out (from another technician),” she says.

* * *

Gary and Sharyn Stellitano are choosy when it comes to heating and air conditioning equipment. That’s because they know that if the equipment they install for their clients isn’t reliable, their customers probably won’t return.

They have relationships with a broad spectrum of manufacturers. But there are three lines of equipment that they recommend most often: Bryant, Mitsubishi Electric and Weil-McLain.

“We represent equipment that is good for our customers’ houses,” Sharyn says. “If we say this is good equipment and it’s going to work, then we have to stand by that, and we also need the manufacturers to stand behind Stellitano. If a customer has an issue, we need them to care. That said, we find that issues with those manufacturers are few and far between.”

Just as important as the equipment is the quality of installation. The Stellitanos take pride not just in their own work, but also in their ability to diagnose problems with installations done by other technicians. It’s common for them to see incorrectly installed ductwork, or systems that are oversized or undersized for the spaces they serve. They look to fix such problems whenever they can.

Sharyn and Gary, who are married, own the company together. They both went to Hopewell Valley Central High School. They live in East Amwell today with their two children. Gary started as an apprentice while in high school, and has been in the HVAC business his entire professional life. Sharyn did sales and marketing before the couple founded their company.

They count on word of mouth for a lot of their business. Sharyn says sometimes she is surprised when she sees people on social media asking for recommendations for an HVAC repair person or a plumber or electrician. “They just don’t have a regular person they can turn to, and that’s not how it used to be,” she says. “Used to be everyone had a tradesperson they knew who worked on their home when they needed it. Many of our customers have been with us a long time.”

Stellitano Heating and Air Conditioning. Phone: (609) 466-2310.