I attended a baby shower recently. It was at Sal De Forte’s Restaurant on Parkway Avenue. The food was beyond excellent (as per usual for Sal De Forte’s), the service was (and always is) impeccable, and the place looked wonderful. The centerpieces and favors were lovely. I’ve known the mommy-to-be since she was in kindergarten and the daddy-to-be has been best friends with both my sons since he was in 3rd grade. His family is like family to us. So this shower was very special to me. And I enjoyed it very much.

I got to thinking afterwards about what it takes to throw a baby shower. I’ve thrown several in my lifetime. It’s a lot of work. Totally worth it, don’t get me wrong. But it is a lot of work. And to try and set it at a convenient time and a convenient date for everyone is a challenging task. So I came up with a great idea.

The Drive Through Baby Shower. (Let’s call it the DTBS to make it easier) You pick a venue that has a place where cars can pull up safely without causing a major traffic jam or fisticuffs. The shower planners can still make the favors.

The restaurant can still prepare the food. There can still be cake. The mother-to-be can be there. But the difference is that everyone who is invited can attend. There will be no “Regrets Only” responses. Why? Because they don’t have to get out of their cars. No excuses.

OK, here’s how it would work: The parents-to-be create a baby registry. Invitations go out. On the day of the DTBS, the planners line up outside the venue. The mother-to-be sits in a nice throne-like chair outside. The guests pull up in their cars, hand their shower gifts to a planner out the window of their car, the planners hand them a take-out box filled with yummy food and another filled with cake and a goody bag with a favor in it, the mother-to-be waves at them, and they drive off. Boom.

Just imagine the possibilities. You can send out 500 invitations to the shower. Heck, you can send an invitation to every single person that the parents-to-be have ever met.

If any guest cannot actually make the DTBS, they can have a neighbor or friend drop off their gift. It’s so simple. Think of the loot the parents-to-be will collect. They wouldn’t have to buy one single thing for the new baby.

You could hire a photographer to take pictures of everyone who participates in the DTBS. Even a videographer. And if the venue setup permits, each guest can pop out of the car and pose for a picture with the mother-to-be.

It’s a win-win, really. The restaurant doesn’t have to provide servers. The planners don’t have to invest in decorations or centerpieces. No one has to agonize about what to wear. And the new baby gets everything he/she needs. The only thing that would be missing is the social interaction that goes on at showers, but that’s a minor detail.

We can even take it further. All the guests can provide an email address and they can receive a video of the parents-to-be opening the gifts at home later. Or, there could be a website set up and the video and pictures posted on there. Genius.

This concept would actually work with bridal showers, too. The only thing missing from a DTBS would be that stupid hat made out of all the bows from the shower gifts that the bride is forced to wear after the gifts are opened. But if you wanted to adhere to the strict guidelines of a bridal shower, the bride can be photographed wearing said hat and the photo can be sent to all the guests.

I see no real flaws in this idea. But then I am old and burned out and I hate dressing up. If I was to receive an invitation to a DTBS (baby or bridal) I’d probably wear sweats and a sweatshirt to drop off my gift. Now that’s a novel idea and one I can get behind.

So for all those currently planning showers, you are welcome.