A woman reported on March 4 that her tired had been slashed in the parking lot of WalMart in the Nassau Park Shopping Center following a road rage incident.

The victim told police that the suspect, described as a male in his 40s with dirty blonde hair and lots of facial hair, had cut her off, so she began honking continuously at him, which caused him to flail his arms and start cursing at her.

The victim parked at WalMart and after an hour shopping returned to find her tire flat from being slashed.

Also at WalMart, a Trenton resident reported on March 7 that while she was shopping at the store, an unknown actor broke off her car’s side view mirror and attempted to reattach it with glue and a nail.


Drug possession. A driver stopped on March 19 on Scudders Mill Road for maintenance of lamps was found to be in possession of marijuana. Deshawn Hoffman, 38, of Trenton was arrested, police said.

West Windsor

Shoplifting. Sally A. McReynolds, 37, of Lawrenceville was arrested at WalMart on March 6 for allegedly concealing $71.63 of items in bags and attempting to fraudulently return the merchandise, police said. She was denied a return and attempted to leave the store without paying, police said. She was later turned over to Plainsboro police on a $500 warrant.

Joyce Sykes, 66, of Trenton, was arrested for shoplifting at WalMart on March 7. Police said she concealed $97.91 of toiletries in her purse and attempted to leave without paying.

A woman arrested for shoplifting at Target on March 8 was also found to have a $250 warrant from Lawrence Township, police said. Cierra D. Guy, 22, of Trenton, concealed $100.36 of baby clothes in her handbag and attempted to leave without paying, police said.

Fugitive. A driver stopped for running a red light on Route 1 on March 7 was found to have an outstanding warrant from Trenton for $3,500. Adolfo Estrada-Deleon, 43, of Trenton was also found to be a suspended driver with an expired driver’s license, police said.

Identity theft. A West Windsor resident reported on March 5 that his W-2 was stolen from his employer’s payroll system. He contacted the IRS and learned that a fraudulent 2016 tax return had been filed in his name on Feb. 17.

A West Windsor resident reported on March 6 that $450 in fraudulent charges were made on her PNC Bank credit card at a WalMart in Arizona and on iTunes.

Fraud. A West Windsor resident reported on March 8 that she had received three alerts from Chase regarding fraudulent charges to her credit card. The charges were declined, and the victim canceled the card.