Dreamquake, left, and The Robbinsville Warriors will compete in the international Destination Imagination Global Finals.

Two Robbinsville Destination Imagination teams are headed to Tennessee to compete in the international Global Finals next month.

The Robbinsville Warriors, a team of Robbinsville High School students, and Dreamquake, a team of Pond Road Middle School seventh graders, placed in the state tournament last month to advance to the finals.

Destination Imagination is an educational nonprofit that teaches STEM principles to students through creative and collaborative problem solving challenges. Teams work together to develop a solution to open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments.

Dreamquake came in second place in the scientific category of “Top Secret” to advance to the Global Finals. Dreamquake is managed by Lauren Myers and consists of Molley Behler, Abigail Dorval, Kate Myers, Sara Myers, Katherine Nitti, Ashley Spilatore and Emily Xavier.

“The girls have worked very hard all year and did a great job at states,” Myers said. “They were excellent representatives of Pond Road Middle School and are very excited to advance to Global Finals.”

The Robbinsville Warriors finished in second in the improvisation category of “3-Peat” to qualify. The Robbinsville Warriors are managed by Sue Weintraub and include Michael Weintraub, Danny Marincas, Noel Varughese, Timothy Riley and Rohit Nair.

Twelve Robbinsville school district Destination Imagination squads competed in the state tournament on March 25. The program is coordinated by Pond Road teacher Rosemarie McGlew, who was honored for 15 years of Destination Imagination service at the event.

The Global Finals will be held in Knoxville, Tennessee from May 24 to 27.