Howell Living History Farm’s bees work to produce homemade honey in Mercer County.

Howell Living History Farm’s three colonies of honeybees will take a break from their busy schedules on Saturday, April 8, when Bob Hughes stops by for his annual spring visit.

Hughes, a professional beekeeper, will open the hives to give the bees a complete health check, medicate the colony and make sure that the queens, drones and worker bees are properly equipped for manufacturing honey. He will also inspect a hive that was damaged when a bear paid a visit to the bee yard last fall.

Visitors to the farm can watch the beekeeper at work from 1:30 to 2 p.m. at the hives, and join him in the Visitor Center at 2:30 for an hour-long presentation, “Life of a Bee Colony.”

Throughout the day, children can also assemble beehives for housing a colony, try on a beekeeper’s suit and learn about beekeepers’ tools and equipment.

Howell Farm is located at 70 Woodens Lane, Hopewell Township. Admission is to the beekeeping event is free. For more information visit