The Lawrence Hockey Association and the Nassau Hockey League have merged together to form the Lawrence Nassau Hockey Association, which will offer hockey for all ages and skill levels.

Players entering the program can start at the learn-to-play and learn-to-skate levels. The current learn-to-play session—in association with the New Jersey Devils—has resulted in more than 60 first-time youth hockey players. As these players develop, they typically go on to move into an established in-house program.

Limited-travel hockey will also be available for children looking to play hockey on a more competitive level, with more ice time. Top-level players will be offered an opportunity to play full travel and participate as a member of the Lawrence Flames in the New Jersey Youth Hockey League.

“Over the years, Nassau represented a way for kids just starting to learn to play hockey—and those who wanted a more recreational approach to the game—to have a place to play,” Mike Zammit, president of the Nassau Hockey League, said in a news release. “Over the past number of years, as talent at the program evolved, Nassau started to play more teams at the travel level, thus making a merger with the Lawrence Flames a logical approach to continuing to offer a top-quality program.”

President of the Lawrence Hockey Association Kathleen Preziosis, president of the Lawrence Hockey Association, believes a quality feeder and development program is key to the development of future talent. “The Learn-To-Play and In-House talent will feed into the Travel programs, ensuring a high-quality hockey program for families for generations to come,” she said.

Tryouts for the travel hockey program started the week of April 3 and continue for various age levels throughout the month of April. For more information, visit