Hopewell Valley school board president Lisa Wolff is doubling down on her civic responsibilities.

In March, Wolff was named executive director of Friends of Hopewell Valley Open Space, the 30-year-old nonprofit land trust dedicated to preserving the character of the Hopewell Valley through open-space and farmland preservation and natural resource protection. She remains president of the board of education.

In her blog, fohvos.blogspot.com, Wolff explained why she is taking on the new role. “It is a perfect fit,” she wrote. “The FoHVOS board didn’t really pursue me … I begged them for the position. My dream job is collaborating with a team that directly improves lives — both locally and ultimately as part of our global community.”

Wolff sees commonalities between her roles with FoHVOS and the school board. “HVRSD educates the most students in Hopewell Valley. FoHVOS preserves and protects more land than any other Hopewell Valley-based nonprofit,” she wrote. “We focus on positive, nonpartisan outcomes. Since we all agree on the ultimate mission, we can minimize political controversy by focusing on common ground. Whether discussing education, farmland preservation, stewardship, or open space, we achieve the best outcomes when everyone has a seat at the table.”

Wolff cited the work that founding member and long-time FoHVOS president Ted Stiles did to preserve 6,500 acres around Baldpate Mountain as an example of the impact that the organization can have. The FoHVOS office is located in the restored Strawberry Hill Mansion within the Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain.

A new Mount Rose Preserve is set to open to the public in June. On the web: fohvos.org.