In every edition of the Ewing Observer, Mayor Bert Steinmann answers readers’ questions. This month we feature two questions posed to us by township residents and three questions devised by the Ewing Observer staff.

I see there was a speed bump installed on Mountain View Road. What is the justification for this? What criteria do you use to determine if speed bumps should be installed? Also, why are there no warning signs to let motorists know of the bumps?
Samuel Tulamello

The street humps are approved in consultation with our township engineer and business administrator. I receive many request for speed humps in hopes of slowing vehicles down. Many residents with children request them as well as residents with what many refer to as cut through streets. The recently installed speed humps will be striped and we will have signs indicating that speed humps are ahead. That is part of the requirement.

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Is the township still operating its street sweeping service? I haven’t seen the sweeper in many months and was wondering if the Ewing Department of Public Works  has discontinued this service and if so, why?
—Betty G. Liverman

We still have a street sweeping program. We will start in the spring and will continue until early fall.

Overflow student parking from Ewing High School seems to have filtered onto streets surrounding the school, including Farrell Avenue, making the streets difficult to navigate. Is there a way to limit parking on these roads?

The streets, like Farrell Avenue, are public streets and anyone is permitted to park on them.

There currently is no prohibition in place to prevent this.

In the recent past, the state DOT let the students park in their lot. Due to liability concerns it had to discontinue that.

The section of Upper Ferry Road between Route 31 and Lower Ferry Road seems to have quite a few rough patches. Are there any plans to resurface the road in the near future?

Upper Ferry Road is a County road. I have spoken to the county engineer and asked him to include this road in their 2017 Capital Budget.

If that does not happen this year, he indicated that they will do some patching where needed the most.

There are several instances in town of people who are parking their cars on their lawns, or have old, inoperative vehicles in front of their properties. Are there any regulations requiring that people park their cars in their driveways or on the street?

We passed an ordinance in March of 2013 that prohibits parking vehicles on their lawn.

The ordinance number is 13-09. If you have complaints about a vehicle on the front lawn, please call the police at (609) 882-1313 and they will send someone out to address it. You may also call my office at (609) 883-2900, ext. 7647.

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